you snooze you lose.

"In any other circumstance I would have loved you with all my heart." She told him. "I would have held your hand and gone for long walks in the streets at night, and fallen asleep under the stars to the sound of crickets and birdsong.

"In any other circumstance I would have given you every part of me a thousand times over unconditionally, with no regrets and no hesitation. "

He looked at her as if she’d taken a knife to his throat.

"In any other circumstance…" He echoed.

She was silent.

"We would have been good, I think." She started, but stopped herself from finishing. She had wanted to explain it all, but what was the use? She had wanted to tell him it wasn’t all in his head, that it had meant something, but there was little point.

So instead, she just said, “I hope you find somebody infinitely better. You deserve it.”

– Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #25 (via blossomfully)

Wow tears everywhere

I hope to be on a plane this time next month starting a new life in a new city.

Seattle bound don't worry about a thing